Work in Progress moves!

March 8, 2007

Work in Progress has a new home! I’ve moved the Work in Progress blog over to Livejournal. You can see Work in Progres 2  here. from now on I’ll only be updating the new site.

Why move? Am I abandoning WordPress? Nope. I love WordPress! WordPress is still the home of the Atarashi Games blog and my freelance gallery. But I decided that I wanted to be on Livejournal, and it’s easier to move Work in Progress then either of the other two.

The good news is I’ll be posting a lot more. In the past I’ve largely limited my posts here to talking about freelance stuff. the new Work in Progress will cover not just my freelance work but also my games, my comics and anything else I’m working on. I ant it to be a home base for everything I do.

And yes, I am aware that no one actually reads this and I’m talking to myself.


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