May 22, 2006


A year ago I was still working a real job. At a motel here in Portland called the Cabana. The Cabana is a horrible place. While working there I was bitten, kicked, stabbed, punched, spit on and threatened at knife point. Shortly before I stopped working there Sony announced the Playstation 3. Both my friend Matt Schlotte and I were pretty exciteda bout this (both being avid PS2 owners) and we both immediatly decided we wanted one. Even though the release was still some way off (and actually still is some way off even now) we both came to the conclusion that putting aside money for the new system would be pointless. I’m not a saver. What we needed was a sure fire way to generate a lot of money fairly fast. Our solution? cash in on the lucrative indy game craze.


I had just released the CrossRoads of Eternity RPG with Travis Brown so I felt like I kind of knew what went into making a new game. The problem is we did’nt know what game to make. The classic advice is to just make the game you want to play. We went the other way. We spent a few days brainstorming over what kind of game we thought would sell (during this time Matt would call me at the motel and we would engage in the 2-3 hour phone calls that eventually cost me my job. No great loss). We settled on psychic Japanese schoolgirls as the focus of our game, figuring that even if the subject didn’t appeal to everyoneit was still a pretty safe bet. Shortly after that I lost my job and started working freelance full time. Panty Explosion kinda stagnated for awhile.

Panty Explosion

We got back to work in September with a goal of finishing the game before the new year. But that date came and passed. I hoped we could wrap it up so I could take copies with me to the GAmA Trade show in March of this year, but we missed that deadline as well. But slowly the game ground itself out, and finally after 9 months of… development…. we have a working draft of the game! This is exciting!

So what is it? Panty Explosion is an adventure roleplaying game where you and a few friends assume the roles of a group of Japanese highschool girls, one or more of whom are psychic. The game features simple and easy to learn mechanics that encourage participation from every player and encourage creativity and player interaction.

If you’d like to take a look at Panty Explosion or even try playing a game you can download the PDF here:Panty Explosion V1

Matt and I are working hard to have the finished version of Panty Explosion available this July. Any comments or feedbackyou could give us would be greatly appreciated.

I’m planning 20 illustrations for Panty Explosion, including the front and rear cover. You can see 2 of the first few here.This is a style I don’t get to use very often, and honestly it’s kind of a pain in the ass to do. But I think it looks good, and I think it will give the game a unique look. This will be the first book I’ve designed from the ground up so I’m pretty excited about it.

At some point Panty Explosion will have it’s own dedicated site, but in the meantime I’ll post information about the games development here.

Anyway, I really hope you take a look. It’s a fun game and I think you’ll like it.


Panty Explosion Student

2 Responses to “PANTY EXPLOSION!!!”

  1. Kapyskypell Says:

    To me it is necessary to find

  2. Jake Says:

    Hi. Are you looking for more information about the game, or a way to purchase it? Or something else?

    feel free to contact my directly with questions.

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